Capability Statement

Company Data

DUNS# 078822408 •

TIN: 45-4380428 


Certified MBE 

NAICS Codes: 311412- 

424480 - 722310 - 424420- 424490


Vegan To-Go® is a certified minority owned vegan- food company supplying vegan burgers, vegan chili, vegan grilled chicken and vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs to retail and food service accounts worldwide. We specialize in fulfilling the needs and requirements of prisons, schools, commissaries and government agencies. Our products are manufactered in a 96,000 ft. facility and we have the capacity to fill large volume orders. The company was formed in 2012 and management has a combined 15 years+ experience in vegetarian, vegan, organic food and beverage products

Stategic Partners

Vegan To-Go® meat-free products are distributed in retail and food-service accounts. Our Strategic Partners include: Sysco, Bakkavor USA, Harris Teeter, UNFI, Royal Caribbean, Compass Food Group, Charlotte Farmer's Market and Performance Food Group

Health Benefits

Vegan To-Go® products are HIGH protein, plant based meat alternatives and provide a variety of health benefits including; Zero Cholesterol, Low in Saturated Fat, Organic & Kosher Ingredients.


Vegan To-Go® has successfully completed a pilot program with Compass Food Group at Queens University, UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro and Cafe 2400 located inside Compass corporate headquarters