Capability Statement

Company Data

DUNS# 078822408 •

TIN: 45-4380428 


Certified MBE 

NAICS Codes: 311412- 

424480 - 722310 - 424420- 424490


Vegan To-Go® is a certified minority owned vegan- food company supplying vegan burgers, vegan chili, vegan meatballs and vegan beef-less crumbles to retail and food service accounts worldwide. We specialize in fulfilling the needs and requirements of prisons, schools, commissaries and government agencies. Our products are manufactered in a 96,000 ft. facility and we have the capacity to fill large volume orders. The company was formed in 2012 and management has a combined 15 years+ experience in vegetarian, vegan, organic food and beverage products

Stategic Partners

Vegan To-Go® meat-free products are distributed in retail and food-service accounts. Our Strategic Partners include: Sysco, Bakkavor USA, Harris Teeter, UNFI, Royal Caribbean, Compass Food Group and Performance Food Group

Health Benefits

Vegan To-Go® products are healthy protein alternatives and provides a variety of health benefits including; Zero Cholesterol, Low in Saturated Fat, Organic & Kosher Ingredients, plus high in plant based Protein 


Vegan To-Go® has successfully completed a pilot program with Compass Food Group at Queens University, UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro and Cafe 2400 located inside Compass corporate headquarters